Love Unleashed, Love Unbound

Dear Ones,What if there were a pool of liquid love, and you could jump into it and always, without fail, unquestionably, without ceasing be surrounded, completely encompassed, immersed, suspended in a sea of hope and acceptance, peace and serenity, encouragement, love that knows no boundaries, joy that defies the imagination? What if there were a… Continue reading Love Unleashed, Love Unbound

Take Joy!

Dear Ones, ‘Tis the season of joy, right? Truthfully, every season should be our season of joy, not just the season where gifts abound and Christmas music plays 24 hours a day on our local radio stations. This is not to say, of course, that we don’t have a special reason to be joyous. After… Continue reading Take Joy!

Bones, Live!

Dear Ones, Every time I would think about writing this blog, the Lord would say to me “dry bones.” I thought, “O.K. I guess you want me to study Ezekiel.” Well we all know that in Ezekiel (Chapter 37:1-14), God caused dead, dry, bleached bones to come to life. He reclothed them, so to speak:… Continue reading Bones, Live!

Dream On!

Dear Ones, Dream On! Do you know God loves it when you dream and pursue your dreams. When you do that, you are behaving like God! After all, He had a dream to create the universe, and He did it. He had a dream to create you, and He did it. He had a dream… Continue reading Dream On!

New Again

Dear Ones,We all need a fresh start every once in a while. Just think about what you feel like when you’re coming to the end of several long winter months, and you walk outside and feel a change in the air. You feel a warmth from the sun that you haven’t sensed in a while;… Continue reading New Again

Well Done!

Dear Ones, God has impressed upon me to “Encourage My people.“ Well, that’s a wonderful task to have. So often, we are our own worst critics. If you really think about it, if you are constantly thinking on your shortcomings or things you haven’t gotten done, you are spending your energy in the wrong place.… Continue reading Well Done!

No Comparisons, Please!

Dear Ones, This week, God dropped into my spirit the words, “No comparisons, please.“ I thought, “Wow, God. How right you are!“. . . .as though God really needed my vote of confidence, BUT He does need our agreement! Folks, do you know what a dangerous tool of the devil it is to compare yourselves… Continue reading No Comparisons, Please!

Inexhaustible Love

Dear Ones, This week when I was talking to the Lord about what to write, He said, “It’s all about My love.”  I thought, “Yes it is Lord.  Thank You for Your love.  Where would we be without it?  Nowhere.”  Then I thought, “Oh, Lord!  That’s a pretty big topic, and I could never express… Continue reading Inexhaustible Love

Step Into Love

Dear Beloved, What is salvation?  It is saying “Yes” to the greatest love of all time.  This love accepts you unconditionally.  It takes you right where you are in the condition in which you come.  It sacrifices for your good.  It protects and defends and heals.  This love is patient beyond all understanding and filled… Continue reading Step Into Love