God’s Expression of Love for You

God’s Expression of Love for You

Do you understand the choice Jesus had to make to become God’s expression of love to you?

Jesus was dwelling in divine fellowship with God, one with God, completely saturated by the glory of God, knowing only the existence of unconditional, infinite, unabashed love at all times – no pain, no worry, no sickness, no lack, no torment, no sadness – only unspeakable joy, peace, love, complete wholeness, complete satisfaction beyond anyone’s wildest dreams at every moment of existence!

Imagine it!  He set aside His divine status, came to earth as a human, a baby dependent on others, to walk alongside us, challenged by the same temptations and earthly conditions as we in order to give us overcoming power and show us the way to victory.  He did it all by showering us with His love, and goodness, and kindness, His gentleness, and humbleness, and mercy.  He became a person like you and I, dependent on the Holy Spirit, to walk along the dusty roads of this earth, with all of its afflictions, so that He could say to each one of us, “I love you.  No pain is too great for Me to reach you.  No sacrifice is too big if it means you will come into relationship with Me, if it means you will come to Heaven with Me to experience the infinite, overwhelming, unreserved love of God for all of eternity.”

Sacrifice He did.  Jesus separated Himself from His Father to feel what we feel, to be tempted as we are, to be humiliated, rejected, spat upon, tortured, and crucified, to take the penalty of every sin – for us!  His choice was to suffer to bring us into reconciliation and union with LOVE (for God is love).

So, this Christmas, accept His gift of love for you.  That’s all He wants.  He wants you to have the gift of His love.  Whatever your situation, whatever the cry of your heart, know that there is a Friend you now have, who has only love and goodness for you.  He beckons each one of us every day, every second of every day, to come closer to Him, to experience His favor, His blessing, His kindness, His heart of mercy.  His joy is to see you rest in His love for you.  Rejoice in Jesus – God’s expression of love for you!!!

Pastor Lisa Marie Tihen

River City Church

© 2018