Bones, Live!

Dear Ones,

Every time I would think about writing this blog, the Lord would say to me “dry bones.” I thought, “O.K. I guess you want me to study Ezekiel.” Well we all know that in Ezekiel (Chapter 37:1-14), God caused dead, dry, bleached bones to come to life. He reclothed them, so to speak: sinew, muscle, flesh – all that was necessary – and then he breathed life into them after the prophet spoke what God told him to speak. The dead, dry, lifeless, spiritless bones were resurrected into human form. God spoke to my spirit and said, “I can resurrect anything! All my people need to do is believe that I make all things possible. I bring life to the lifeless.”

God isn’t just talking about our health here. Yes, He literally can resurrect dead bodies. That’s easy to see from the Scripture. What is sometimes harder to see is that He can cause any dry, difficult, seemingly impossible situation in our lives to become full with His Life, His Joy, His Peace, and His Presence. All we have to do is do what He asks of us and believe He is Who He says He is, Who He has proven Himself to be, and He can do what He has set forth in His Word.

So, let’s look at what happens in Ezekiel 37. In verse 1, Ezekiel says the Spirit of the Lord took him to a valley full of bones. There were very many bones and they were “VERY DRY” (v. 2). Obviously, there was no life even possible here. Now, I realize this was written for the children of Israel who had been scattered among nations, and it is certainly a promise to reunite Israel and restore it as a nation. These verses, however, speak to us today in our individual lives.

The dry bones represent any situation that seems hopeless or challenging to you. Then God asked Ezekiel, “Son of man, can these bones live?” Of course, God knew the answer to that, but He was wanting Ezekiel to step out and transform his thinking from the obvious, fleshy thinking to the supernatural. Ezekiel answered God saying, “Sovereign Lord, you alone know” (v. 3). Worldly thinking says, “No, what is dead is dead, and these bones cannot live,” but God-thinking takes us to another level.

Are you going to step out and believe God in your challenge? Are you going to turn your dry situation into a valley of life? Are you going to step out and believe the way God believes? We only need to do what God tells us to do. God told Ezekiel, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord! 5 This is what the Sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life. 6 I will attach tendons to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin; I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord.’” So, what happened next? Ezekiel did as the Lord commanded. He believed, and dry bones ceased to be dry bones. They became a living, mighty army!

Can you believe for God’s power to come onto your scene and bring hope and life and peace and power? Of course you can. Talk to the Lord, and move your thinking of defeat and desperation aside, and take on the attitude of God! All things are possible. Let Him lead you as you pray and read the Word, and He will show you Scripture to stand on and surround you with people who will lift you up and encourage you as you walk out your solution. God can do the miraculous. He can do what your eyes cannot see and what your mind cannot think. Give Him a little bit to work on. Believe! Find Scripture, and believe it! God’s Word brings miraculous, unstoppable power to any and every situation!

God finished His meeting with Ezekiel by saying, “Son of man, these bones are the people of Israel. They say, ‘Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone; we are cut off.’” Have you ever felt hopeless? God has your solution. God commanded Ezekiel, “12 Therefore prophesy and say to them: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: My people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them; I will bring you back to the land of Israel.13 Then you, my people, will know that I am the Lord, when I open your graves and bring you up from them. 14 I will put my Spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I the Lord have spoken, and I have done it, declares the Lord.’”

God says here that He will guide us by His Spirit living in us. He will restore hope. He will destroy the graves and bring us up out of desperation. He will bring us into our own land. We will possess the land. What does that mean here? God will bring us into the land of abundance. Perhaps your dry bones symbolize difficult relationships with your friends, or spouse, or children, or relatives. Perhaps your dry bones represent financial difficulty or health challenges. Nothing is too dry or lifeless or hopeless for Him. He is the God of hope and the God of answers. He will bring life to dry bones!

See the possible with God,
Pastor Lisa Marie

If you have never made Jesus the Lord of your life and desire to, pray this: Dear God, I believe that Jesus is your Son, that He died on the cross for me and was resurrected for my redemption. I choose to make Jesus the Lord of my life. I thank you for forgiving me and for filling me with Your Holy Spirit. I thank You that I am Your child, that You are my Father, and that You have great things planned for me. Amen.