God is for Us

Do you know that God is always for you?  Scripture says that if God be for us, who can be against us (Rom. 8:31).  Does that mean that He agrees with everything we do?  No, because we make mistakes and wrong choices, and He cannot agree with things that we do that contradict His character and His ways.  It does mean, however, that He is always by our side, for us, leading us, “fighting” our battles to bring us into His perfect truth in every situation.  After all, His truth, His ways will always bring to us what is best for us in life.  God has sent us His Holy Spirit to ever lead us and equip us to reach God’s highest calling in our lives.  He always leads us in ways of peace, truth, protection, and righteousness.

God is for us at all times.  When the devil comes to devour, God restores.  When forces of darkness try to overwhelm us, God bathes us in His glorious light.  When we suffer for a lack of understanding, God supplies us with wisdom and knowledge.  When waves of torment try to overcome us, God brings us peace.  When we feel like we can’t climb one more rugged mountain, God picks us up.  When we feel like we have made one too many stupid mistakes, God showers us in His grace and mercy.  God is always for us.

So, dear one, when you make mistakes, when you make bad choices, when you “blow it” so to speak, do not get into self-condemnation.  Do not think that God has deserted you.  Do not think He is disappointed in you and will shake His head in disgust and give up on you.  No.  Only you will ever give up on you – if you allow the devil to defeat you.  God will never give up on you!  He will never turn away from you.  He will never run out of patience, or love, or mercy, or grace, or forgiveness for you.  God is for you.  He may not agree with your actions or choices, but He will always love you and restore you into His path for your life.  His love for you commands and compels Him to show you the way out – every time.  He will always show you the way to victory!  He is truthful to His Word – every time, and His Word always ushers us into His way of light and life, goodness, justice, righteousness, peace. . .everything that God is.  After all, He created us in His image, and He will settle for nothing less than His image being revealed on the inside of us and in our life circumstances. 

Go ahead and read Romans 8:26-37 and see that nothing in all of creation, no power of any kind will ever separate us from God’s love for us!  The Holy Spirit is always interceding for us to accomplish God’s will in our lives, conforming us into His image, working for our good as we are committed to His purpose.  God never condemns us!  He always makes us more than conquerors!

So, if you feel discouraged, or oppressed, or condemned, or defeated, shake if off!  Don’t listen to the lies of the devil.  Get up.  Take a deep breath.  Commit your way in your particular situation to the Lord, and He will set in motion the wheels to recovery!  Scripture tells us that when we commit our ways to Him, He directs our paths and gives us the desires of our heart (Prov. 3:5-6; see also Ps. 37-4-6)!  Just say, “Lord, I give this situation to You.  I desire Your ways.  I desire Your outcome.”  Then know that He will show you the way to victory – every time!  He makes you more than a conqueror through Christ!  God’s heart is for you to succeed!  So, rest and be blessed, dear one.  Know that God is seeing you through, fighting your battles, and bringing you to His ultimate best!

God is for you – always!

Pastor Lisa Marie