Dear Beloved, God is our God of love, and because He is a God of love, He is a God of forgiveness.  Consequently, if we want to demonstrate His character in our lives, we need to be people of forgiveness.  God only asks us to do things which, in the end, benefit us.  So, eventhough… Continue reading Forgiveness

Storm Chaser

Dear Beloved, Are your eyes on the storm or the Storm-Chaser, the waves or the Wave-Walker, the mountain or the Mountain-Mover, the foe or the Foe-Defeater?  Scripture tells us to look unto the hills from where our strength comes.  I love that thought.  It means that when my eyes are on Jesus, I can’t be… Continue reading Storm Chaser


Dear Ones, The message which I believe the Lord is leading me to share with you this week is very simple.  If you feel perplexed on every side, God is your comfort.  He will continue to take you from glory to glory, by His Spirit, and He will lead you in triumph always!  As He… Continue reading Triumph!

What are You Speaking?

Dear Ones, What are you speaking?  Dear friends, let’s speak to our mountains, not about them, and I know that God will either take you to the mountain top and show you His beautiful view, or He will level the mountain in front of you.  Then you will enter His rest. So much of what… Continue reading What are You Speaking?


Dear Beloved, This week, I sense the Lord leading me to minister to those of you who have children that are being tormented by forces of darkness.  Of course, this includes those of you who have any loved one who is being challenged in the same manner.  First of all, I want you to picture… Continue reading Deliverance

Questions, Questions

Dear Moms and Dads, Do you remember when your kids were young, or maybe you have young ones at home right now, and maybe you have lots of them.  Can you believe how many questions they ask?  “What are we having for lunch?  What time is it?  What are we doing next?  Can I go… Continue reading Questions, Questions

Engage in the Light

Dear Ones, Thank God for His goodness!  Yes, He loves us unconditionally and unceasingly.  His grace ever covers our mistakes.  His mercy is limitless.  His forgiveness is never ending.  His judgments are fair.  So, what about our responsibility?  It is true that we can always run into arms that are loving and tender, but God… Continue reading Engage in the Light

The Past

Don’t let the pain of the past predict your future.  God doesn’t.  All of us have experienced disappointments and made mistakes we wish we hadn’t.  We have all probably suffered loss or hurt, and maybe some of us have had tremendous trials or tragedies that have marked our past.  The good news is that God… Continue reading The Past

You’ve Got Talent

This week I have been contemplating a Scripture that I have to admit has always bothered me.  It’s the Scripture in Matthew 25:14-30 about the servants and the talents.  It’s not that I couldn’t agree with the fact that those who invested the talents given to them by their master earned more and were subsequently… Continue reading You’ve Got Talent